Belmar Pharma Solutions’ Medical Director Dr. Angela DeRosa Teaches Us How To Take Charge Of Menopause

November 30, 2022

Concerned about new symptoms that have just started? 

Frustrated because you don’t know where to turn or who to trust as you manage your menopausal symptoms? 

Need an advocate on your journey?

Dr. DeRosaMeet Dr. Angela DeRosa, a medical doctor who became an expert on hormonal health when she herself had perimenopausal symptoms begin in her mid-twenties (very early and unusual for most women) which then moved into experiencing early menopause at age 35 (the average age is somewhere around 51 years old). Dr. DeRosa has had to navigate life while both suffering from the effects of menopause while trying to find relief. Because this was not an easy task, her experience has become the driving force behind her research and clinical work to this very day. 

Let’s learn more!

Dr. DeRosa’s Concerns: Symptoms Prioritized Over Underlying Cause

Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, a well-respected, internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health and Belmar Pharma Solutions’ Medical Director shares the following concerns that women are faced with when seeking medical advice during menopause:

  • Women are being prescribed medications to treat symptoms without managing the underlying condition which can often be hormonal imbalances due to menopause. Dr. DeRosa regularly sees women on 10 to 20 medications for issues including bone loss, high blood pressure and yeast infections.
  • Hormone deficiencies during menopause are wreaking havoc on women’s lives, but despite these medical concerns, it is still hard to find a doctor who is trained and experienced in the intricacies of hormonal health
  • Dr. DeRosa has additionally found that many doctors have come to rely too heavily on labs to confirm a diagnosis versus a combination of clinical know-how and test results. Labs aren’t always accurate, especially when diagnosing issues like hypothyroidism — a condition that can worsen due to menopause. The most common lab test doctors order is the basic thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) test, which often comes back in the normal range and doesn’t reveal the whole story of why certain symptoms exist. 

What would Dr. DeRosa suggest as an alternative? She advocates for an integrative approach to hormonal health management, focusing on the whole person and taking into account overall health as opposed to only looking at the symptoms and lab results.

Dr. DeRosa Calls Out Gender Bias in Hormone Replacement Therapy

Dr. DeRosa has brought attention to the gender bias that plays a role in why many women aren’t getting the help they need to effectively manage the symptoms of menopause. This is a topic Dr. DeRosa has researched and written about in an article published in June 2021. 

The billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry has long been guilty of gender bias in hormone replacement therapy (HRT)(a solution often used to treat menopause). While there are a variety of drugs and therapies to treat erectile dysfunction for men, women are left with limited options when it comes to hormone imbalance. 

You might be surprised to learn that the FDA hasn’t approved any testosterone products specifically for women, even though a deficiency of this particular hormone, which often occurs during menopause, can result in anxiety, depression, low libido, and weight gain.

Because of this disparity, many women, Dr. DeRosa advises, should turn to prescribed compounded bioidentical hormone replacement products (BHRT), which use hormones derived from plant estrogens with the same molecular structure as those produced in our bodies. With prescribed BHRT, each patient receives a customized prescription from a compounding pharmacy like Belmar Pharma Solutions which is FDA-compliant and provides personalized solutions.

A Menopause Survival Guide

Wish you had someone who could guide you through the ups and downs of menopause?

You’re in luck!

Dr. DeRosa has written a definitive guide to help you live your fullest life during your menopausal journey. “How Your Doctor is Slowly Killing You: A Woman’s Health Survival Guide” provides a solution-based approach for women and their doctors on how to manage hormonal health at every age.

Dr. DeRosa challenges assumptions about HRT and offers new solutions for optimizing long-term good health. If you have questions about your hormonal health, she has the answers.

Her book will teach you:

  • How to recognize the symptoms of hormone deficiencies
  • The root causes of hormone deficiencies and how they affect the body
  • What commonly prescribed medications could be making you sick
  • The ins and outs of HRT
  • What you should know when seeing their [LW8] doctor
  • How to tell if you’re getting the right treatment
  • And more

“I believe that the best way to live a healthy and full life is by managing the underlying causes of our illnesses instead of just treating symptoms. I am committed to helping women achieve their hormonal health goals,” Dr. DeRosa said.

Those are some pretty powerful words from someone who knows what it’s like and has devoted her career in service to others!

So what are you waiting for? Buy Dr. DeRosa’s book today and take the best step toward your wellbeing during menopause!

Dr. Angela DeRosa

DO, MBA, CPE Medical Director at Belmar Pharma Solutions & Founder of Hormonal Health Institute Dr. DeRosa built her career specializing in women's health and championing the need for a greater understanding for hormonal health, especially, as it pertains to menopausal women. In addition to being a respected, internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, Dr. DeRosa understands the range of health issues women face leading up to and during menopause as she herself was in full-blown menopause by the age of 35. A hormonal health pioneer, her career has spanned over twenty years with experience including a practicing physician, best-selling author, and international speaker on women’s health issues (Read her LinkedIn bio). Angela is also super-fun, an avid cat lover, scratch golfer, boater, and bestie to many making her an ideal Wing Woman. Angela’s Wing Women Triple Play Q. If your life had a mantra what would it be? GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!   Always shoot for the stars, if you don’t succeed, you will likely go higher than most. Q If you were a color, what color would you be?  TANGERINE (HOT, ELECTRIC) ORANGE.  Fiery and brilliant. 😊 Not subtle but respectable. Q. What is your attitude about aging? We are all going to age, but I am not going quietly into the night. We should give our bodies the tools to stay optimized and healthy and then let God decide when my ticket is up. Angela lives in Scottsdale, spends time in TN near family, and travels as much as she can whenever she can.