(The) Change is Personal blog is your go-to resource for the information you need to navigate the milestones of menopause.

Your experience will be uniquely your own from symptoms to options for relief.

The choices you make are deeply personal.

Our team, who has an average of 10 + years of menopause industry experience, is here to provide practical solutions and real-life advice. From scientifically supported articles to product reviews and recommendations, we are here to share reliable, science-backed information.

Full disclosure, although we’re in the business of customized bio-identical hormone therapy prescription medication, we also acknowledge that (the) change is personal literally and that hormone therapy might not be the solution for everyone and we are ok with that. But that doesn’t stop us from supporting all women on their menopausal journey, because when it comes to menopause, hormone therapy, medication options and even our own bodies, there’s a lot of education and reeducation that needs to happen because health class didn’t cover all of this!

Original Articles & Recommendations

The content on (The) Change is Personal blog is a combination of original articles written and reviewed by our team of experts including clinical pharmacists and our medical director, Dr. Angela DeRosa, a hormone therapy expert, author, lecturer and innovator in the field of supporting women on their menopause journey. Our expertise is in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, but our team has been and will continue to answer all inquiries from women who are seeking overall symptom relief as their bodies no longer produce certain hormones. The articles here are based on the questions we receive every day.

Be rest assured that if we are sharing information about a product or service, it has gone through rigorous scrutiny for unsubstantiated claims or questionable ingredients because it’s the right thing to do for the menopause community.

It’s important to note that any product or service that we share with our community are ones we believe in.  There is no financial exchange or revenue share, we don’t make one dime if you buy from one of the companies we recommend.

Meet Our Wing Women

Think of our Wing Women as part of your closest, most insightful friend group where everyone is constantly sharing their latest obsessions and telling brutally honest stories. It’s that inner circle of well-informed, dialed-in, and most importantly, uninhibited, and unafraid women that you feel a connection with. You can rely on us in that same way.

Our Wing Women will include both permanent writers and rotating guests who will be covering topics from their point of view as they share their insights and menopause milestones. Writers will range in age from 30 to 80 and will include medical professionals, celebrities, writers, scientists, activists, and women like you.

Looking for Expert Menopause Relief?  

If at any time you are interested in learning more about hormone therapy, you can chat with one of our expert pharmacists.

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Who Should Read (The) Change is Personal Blog?

The average age for the onset of menopause is 51.5, but women in their late 30s may experience a menopause milestone and not even know it!  Long before any symptoms appear, a woman needs to understand what to watch for. It’s all about education so when the time comes, you fear less and understand more.  We are here to support young women and provide them with the knowledge they need for this stage in their life. Like puberty and pregnancy, menopause is NOT a disease and can be managed.

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Belmar Pharmacy: Decades of Menopause Relief Experience.

With over 30 years of experience, our roots are in compounded bio-identical hormone replacement medications. We are passionate about the benefits of personalized medicine for patients and the flexibility it provides doctors.

Our story began in Golden, Colorado over 30 years ago as Belmar Pharmacy, a local compounder focused on customized bio-identical hormone medication for the treatment of menopause. In 2019, we became a part of Belmar Pharma Solutions, and today, in addition to our core competency in women’s health, we also have a men’s health division and offer compounding solutions for sexual wellness and weight loss for both men and women. Belmar continues to be known for the quality of our medication, combined with the personalized service we offer, because we never forget where we started.

This work is deeply personal for us. We use the medication ourselves, have friends and family that do as well, and we serve thousands of patients across the country whom we hear from every day sharing their stories about how our customized medications have helped them.

We are not here to sell you anything, in fact you can’t even obtain our medication without a doctor’s prescription! (The)Change is Personal is all about education. Please join us!