Did You Know There Is Gender Bias With Hormone Replacement Therapy Solutions?

April 9, 2022

But Options Do Exist For Women!

Who runs the world?

Girls (obviously). 

Then why is it that the hormone replacement industry is dominated by therapies and medications for men?

We at Belmar Pharma Solutions believe this inequality is illogical and unjust, knowing that women have to deal with the added health issues associated with menopause that men don’t have to worry about. You know, that stage in life where you find yourself experiencing annoying and oftentimes worrisome symptoms like hot flashes, joint pain and mood swings that many physicians and patients themselves have dismissed in the past…yeah, that!

This all might make you feel angry and worried if you’re a woman in your late 30s – mid-50s, a time in life when your hormone levels naturally begin to decrease, but there is good news. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is an effective treatment option for many reasons!

So is HRT right for you? Well, let’s dive in and take a look at some key points that can help you decide, but first, let’s take a closer look at the gender bias, that occurs when it comes to hormone therapies, a topic that our advisor Dr. Angela Marie DeRosa has brought attention to globally.

Gender Bias in HRT

Historically, the pharmaceutical industry has been guilty of gender bias in hormone replacement therapy.

billion-dollar industry has been built on dozens of testosterone replacement therapies and medications to treat erectile dysfunction for men, but women have far fewer hormone replacement treatment options available as they ride through perimenopause and menopause. 

And speaking of testosterone, did you know there are no FDA-approved testosterone products for women (this hormone deficiency could lead to low libido, weight gain, anxiety, and depression)?

What’s up with that? It’s just not ok!

This is just one of many reasons why women turn to prescribed compounded bioidentical hormone replacement products (BHRT).

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses hormones derived from plant estrogens with the same molecular structure as those produced in our bodies vs. synthetic HRT, which is created using manufactured and animal-derived hormones.[SL13]   With prescribed BHRT, you receive customized doses from a compounding pharmacy like Belmar Pharma Solutions where all ingredients and facilities are FDA approved, and each prescription is based on your body’s hormone balance (or imbalance), symptoms, and possible allergies versus taking a one-size-fits-all treatment which is how most prescriptions overall are given to patients. 

Is HRT/BHRT Right for Me?

We get it. Deciding whether HRT/BHRT is right for you isn’t easy. 

No worries. We are all about supporting your journey, so here are five facts to consider when deciding what path is best for you:

  1. HRT addresses the root cause of your symptoms.

Did you know up to 80% of women experience moderate-to-severe hot flashes and night sweats during menopause (and hot flashes can actually begin during perimenopause)?

And these symptoms can last for as long as 10 years.  You heard that right, and we know you don’t have time for that — especially when you’re swamped with #allthethings (aka life!). 

Thankfully, hormone replacement therapy directly addresses the cause of menopausal symptoms by balancing or replacing the hormones that are out of sync in your body. It can relieve symptoms that are keeping you from living your best life and prevent others from arising in the first place.

  1. HRT helps prevent bone loss.

Vitamin D isn’t the only thing good for your bones. 

Hormone replacement therapy provides medical benefits beyond relieving symptoms; at different doses it preserves bone mineral density (BMD) which helps keep your bones healthy and strong.

  1. BHRT uses personalized hormone doses that are chemically identical to your natural hormones.

We’ve said this many times before but feel it’s worth repeating again and again. 

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones the body produces vs. manufactured HRT[BS20]  that utilizes synthetic and animal-derived hormones. 

We know that sounds pretty good about BHRT, but why is this important?

Well, bioidentical hormones act like the real thing. You know… Because they ARE the real thing!

This is vital because the hormones must match the chemical composition of those naturally found in a woman’s body to effectively replicate a healthy balance.

A compounding pharmacist creates a customized dose using FDA-approved ingredients based on your unique symptoms, hormone balance, and allergies if you have any. 

  1. HRT can come in a variety of forms.

HRT can be delivered in the following forms:


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You and your doctor can determine the form that’s right for you.

5. HRT/BHRT improves your quality of life.

This is the final point we want to make, and it’s a big one. HRT/BHRT improves your quality of life overall, boosts energy levels and brings back balance to your body. Why not ask your friends and family who have gone this route to feel better during their menopausal journey. Share what you find out in the comments below or in social media so we can all learn more together.

If you’re experiencing any uncomfortable menopausal symptoms caused by a hormonal imbalance, this might be the solution for you, and we are all about supporting you in having a great day/week/month/year! Together with your doctor, let’s help you find the way back to feeling like yourself again

Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE is the founder of the Hormonal Health Institute and serves as a paid consultant to Belmar Pharmacy. However, Dr. DeRosa is not an employee of Belmar Pharmacy and nothing herein should be construed as the promotion of Belmar’s compounded products over other hormone replacement therapies. Patients interested in hormone therapy are encouraged to speak to a medical professional about their medical options and before seeking treatment. Nothing herein should be construed as making a claim about the safety or effectiveness of compounded products, which includes compounded hormone pellet therapy. All information provided herein is based on Dr. DeRosa’s own clinical experience in her capacity as a board-certified internist.

Dr. Angela DeRosa

DO, MBA, CPE Medical Director at Belmar Pharma Solutions & Founder of Hormonal Health Institute Dr. DeRosa built her career specializing in women's health and championing the need for a greater understanding for hormonal health, especially, as it pertains to menopausal women. In addition to being a respected, internationally recognized authority on women’s hormonal health, Dr. DeRosa understands the range of health issues women face leading up to and during menopause as she herself was in full-blown menopause by the age of 35. A hormonal health pioneer, her career has spanned over twenty years with experience including a practicing physician, best-selling author, and international speaker on women’s health issues (Read her LinkedIn bio). Angela is also super-fun, an avid cat lover, scratch golfer, boater, and bestie to many making her an ideal Wing Woman. Angela’s Wing Women Triple Play Q. If your life had a mantra what would it be? GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!   Always shoot for the stars, if you don’t succeed, you will likely go higher than most. Q If you were a color, what color would you be?  TANGERINE (HOT, ELECTRIC) ORANGE.  Fiery and brilliant. 😊 Not subtle but respectable. Q. What is your attitude about aging? We are all going to age, but I am not going quietly into the night. We should give our bodies the tools to stay optimized and healthy and then let God decide when my ticket is up. Angela lives in Scottsdale, spends time in TN near family, and travels as much as she can whenever she can.